Thunderbird barfs at about 4 gigs.  As in it won’t let you receive any new email and you have to dump your folders and start over.

I keep my “community” email separate from my business one and just take it for granted now that when I get to that magical 4 gig mark, it’s time to start a new folder structure.


5 Responses to For all those that complain about Outlooks inability to handle large mailboxes….

  1. TB user says:

    Actually its an OS limitation.

  2. bradley says:

    Limits – Thunderbird – MozillaZine Knowledge Base:

    Limitation of the product.

  3. Angus S-F says:

    Actually if you read the KB article referenced by “bradley”, you’ll see that the T-Bird 4GB limit is a limit on the size of a FOLDER. The mailbox has unlimited (well, up to the available disk space) size.

  4. indy says:

    And I think people’s main concern was *Exchange* mailbox size. In exchange if you put a few thousand messages in a folder performance degrades badly.

  5. Andy Parkes says:

    I once saw an Outlook PST that was 20GB…very long story

    I know it’s not quite the same as having all that data in an Exchange mailbox, but it was painful anyway