So if you are wondering if you or your clients installed that CNN Peer to peer add on, look for two things….

There will be a service running on your workstation… called Octoshape

And your firewall should have thrown up a warning that outbound traffic is trying to make a connection.

Bottom line you can block the udp traffic outbound if you so desire.

Found the eula, after you clicked “okay” to install…

You hereby acknowledge that the Software utilizes a grid streaming technology. With grid streaming technology, parts of the video and audio stream you watch may be delivered to your personal computer system via the personal computer systems of other end users of the Software, and the personal computer system on which you install the Software may also be used to deliver parts of the video and audio stream to other end users of the Software.

Accordingly, you hereby grant permission for Octoshape and other end users of the Software to utilize and share the processor and bandwidth of your personal computer system for the limited purpose of facilitating the communication between you and other end users of the Software, including Octoshape.

You are responsible for any telecommunication or other connectivity charges incurred through the use of the Software.


One Response to About that peer to peer traffic from CNN

  1. bradley says:

    For those savvy enough to realize I’m running as Admin there… yup this is a XP sp3 vmware that I use for testing of what wacko things I come across.