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I’m sure there are those that will say that I’m just posting the ‘hate the cloud view’, but I was surprised to see this rant from a guy that I consider to be savvy.

Don’t mess with Joel Spolsky.

The Business of Software – Don’t ever use Google Apps for anything important:
Google Apps customers say domains aren’t being renewed | The Industry Standard:

Google just opened up an offline version of gmail because there are times people want to be offline.  The cloud has some dark patches that we need to be aware of.

Joel’s The tale from someone on Joel’s forum (and others) of lack of support needs to be a precautionary tale to those recommending solutions. 

Small firms may be cheap, want it all, but you burn us with lack of support, trust me, we make decisions based on that one thing only.  SUPPORT.

(update, the guy isn’t Joel but someone on his forum)

I still get down to the fact that when small firms get burnt on support they will make decisions afterwards accordingly.  I have yet to see anyone else but a .dot com or a pure consulting play firm use google apps.  There is still typically some line of business app that pulls a firm away from the cloud.  Out here in the sticks where the Internet speeds are still spotty, an offline story is still big.



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  1. Paul says:

    Err… Joel didn’t write that. It’s just on the forums on his website.

  2. DCMonkey says:

    It wasn’t a post by Joel. It was a post on the forums on his website.

  3. Funny – with all this talk about “business in the cloud”, I’ve yet to have a client or prospect ask me about or even mention services such as Google Apps, etc.

    I still and will always beleive our industry is guilty of trying to drive customer demand, as opposed to responding to it. Which leads to the industry trying to keep up with an compete with the damands IT created in the first place… and then losing focus on the needs of the true end user.