New thing is sometimes not a thing at all

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It’s a funny world we live in.  Vendors want us to jump on the latest new thing.  Yet when they have new things, sometimes the underlying message they send is to wait.

Microsoft Launches Consumer Subscription Offering That Combines Microsoft Office and Windows Live OneCare: Microsoft Equipt gives consumers powerful productivity and security protection technologies in a single package through Circuit City.:

Microsoft confirms Equipt kill date • Channel Register:

Microsoft Equipt will be discontinued after April 30, 2009:

Google closes down lesser-known services, lays off staff – Ars Technica:

Google Closes Many Services:

Between perpetual betas and decisions to stop offerings, is it any wonder that the prudent person holds back and waits to see what’s up?

Especially now.


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  1. indy says:

    We recently showed interest in Microsoft’s Hosted services:

    They called me and asked about my environment. Then a MS Gold partner called me up and we setup a meeting. The guy came completely unprepared, said that we were too large a company for this type of service, and that he was turning down a lot of work because Microsoft still had the service in beta and was working out kinks, but advertising it as “ready.”

    He sheepishly said that we shouldn’t look into this for a year at least.

    Scary that Microsoft does this. What if I had met a less scrupulous partner that had convinced us to migrate to an unfinished service inappropriate for our needs?

    I guess this is partially why we stay back from the latest and greatest MS OS on client/server. They really are testing grounds for people that are willing to put up with serious issues for the sake of “features.”