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Tonight during the Virtualization webcast I talked about how I was still deciding if I would clean install my office or migration install my office.  And you know, Migration is like my one time fear of BSOD debugging.  Once upon a time I thought BSOD debugging was this mass of unknown that I’d never ever master.  Then someone named Peter Gallagher blogged about how there was this tool and how it worked.  Suddenly my fear, my awe of this unknown talent of debugging became something that “I” could do.  I went from being afraid of BSODs to wanting them to happen again because using the debugging tool was so much fun.

Tonight the SBS blog hits the biggies in being prepared for SBS 2008 migration.

The Official SBS Blog : SBS 2008 Migrations from SBS 2003 – Keys to Success:

In that list are the big ‘gotchas’ that you might hit.  Notice I said “Might”.  Not that you will, but that you might.  But even before you look at that list you need to make that decision to evaluate  if clean install is better or migration install is better.  And quite honestly sometimes the server is so beat up, so bad, so much a server that you can’t even make a backup that it’s just not worth trying make the AD healthy.  And that’s okay.  But then there are those times that the AD is only a 2k3 era one (not like Charlie’s that has NT 3.5 crustiness) but good.  Healthly.  Solid. 

But either way you go, just like that debugging tool showed me, there is nothing to fear when you have resources.

And thanks to Russ the url to the info on how to get to the SBS 2008 newsgroups is easy to remember ( ).

If you do absolutely nothing else, do this:

Read the migration guide.

This Sunday, take a break and read it.  Concentrate on it.  Mark up the pages you have questions on.  

But read it.  Cover to cover.  Or electronic page to electronic page.



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