Being in two places at one time.

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Long story short I had messed up the Windows 7 install on my baby laptop.  I was lazy and did an inplace upgrade from Vista.  Which by the way, for all of those folks complaining about no upgrade path from XP, the inplace upgrade from Vista on this baby laptop took about 2 hours.  It really should be a clean install but I wasn’t in the mood for it.  Well after not able to have a functioning iM on this laptop and patching getting horked up to the point that the Error code kept pointing to a firewall exclusion or proxy issue, I decided to do another Win7 install over the top of Win7 which also takes another 2 hours but it does leave the settings intact and you can do something else that entire two hours.  When it got to the point where the IM and aircard wouldn’t work I had to do something. 

Now interestingly enough with this baby laptop, once I had upgraded it to Win7, it lost the ability to find the driver for it’s Acer branded USB drive even though that was the drive that got Win7 installed in the first place.  So as a workaround, I just bought a USB based dvd drive. 

So I finally got the OS reinstalled and the iM working.  The new and improved Windows Live Messenger that finally confirms once and for all what everyone has suspected all of these years:

I CAN be in two places at one time.


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