My program crashed. Any ideas of a fix?

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In the newsgroup someone posted in a post similar to this:

My program crashed.  Any ideas of a fix? 

Okay one can not really begin a diagnoses with that.  The people in the managed newsgroups are not mind readers and can’t conjure up what application you installed, what change you made, how long it hasn’t been working, when it was last working or any sort of reasonable beginnings of troubleshooting.

Remember to make sure you explain what you were doing when it broke, when it last worked, what did you change since then.  And don’t forget that antivirus can update on you as well.

But here’s some tips for gathering the information to make a good diagnoses.

For the quickest resolution to your posted issues, please remember the following:
1. Include the following details about the Computer exhibiting the Problem:
    Version installed:
    Service Packs Applied:
    Affected application version and Service Pack:
    Other applications on the box:
    Antivirus Software / Version:
    Hotfixes Installed

2. Details about **other** Computers, for example a client machine, if applicable
    Operating System and Service Pack:
    Antivirus Software / Version:

3. Details about the Network, if applicable:
    Internet Connection Type:
    Number of NICs in the server:
    Network Topology particulars:

4. Details about the issue:
    Full, complete error message wording or screenshot:
    When did the issue first occur?
    What changes were made around that time?
    Steps to reproduce if any:
    Any Additional Information you think would be helpful
* * The fastest resolution is a targeted diagnosis of possible causes. * *   


3 Responses to My program crashed. Any ideas of a fix?

  1. Rob Singers says:

    The answer to that question is pretty much always ZoneAlarm.

    If the person posting has a nineties feel then the answer will be RealPlayer 🙂

  2. John says:

    My favorite end user report to get is : “The Internet’s broken.”

    Susan, this is a nice series of steps. See also Raymond’s “How To Ask Questions The Smart Way” :

  3. Bill says:

    My personal favorite (and it always comes from a technical person):

    Hey, in 2003 I can’t do X.


    2003 what? windows? office? quickbooks? the year?