Biden does twitter right?

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Okay so our elected leaders don’t have to live in Facebook, or in Linked in, nor do they have to twitter.  But when you hear that they asked for the web site’s “number” one does wonder exactly how often they use the computer.

Biden Asks for Web Site’s ‘Number’ – First 100 Days of Presidency – Politics

I do find that people don’t know exactly what a blog is.  Lately due to the word ‘twitter’ being so thrown about I’m having to explain what it is. 

“Uh well, you do a very short blog post”

“Do these people have nothing better to do?”

“Uh, well, sometimes I do wonder.”

One of my coworkers went to twiitter search and found that while he wasn’t listed as being ‘twiittered” by anyone, my name was.

Something about Mountain Dew and Susan Bradley.  Imagine that coming up in a search.


3 Responses to Biden does twitter right?

  1. John says:

    And this from the country that invented the automobile and the internet? Canada asks you to please keep up…

  2. Robert Crane says:


    The reports we get here in the land down under seem to indicate that your politicans are all avid Twitters!

    I thought that only the previous administration where ‘Twitters’ 😉

    Robert Crane

  3. Rich Lusk says:

    More attention should be paid to the fact that he didn’t answer the question that lead to the “Internet number” comment.