A note from Tony:

Some information for your after using yor blogs for years for help and assistnace...

If you happen to have old DOS / Netware applications that use data off  a network share... yes they are still out there.... and work in vista....

By defualt SBS 2008 has 8dot3 filenames turned off and these old applications will not work..

run cmd as Administrator

fsutil behavior query disable8dot3   ( result of 1 is on  o is off )

fsutil behsvior set disable8dot3 0

REboot required.... but to reset the filenames the data has to be copied off the server, deleted and copied back...file by file...

robocopy to the rescue again...

Thanks for your Help

One Response to Old 8.3 file names are still kicking in the 2008 era

  1. Chris Knight says:

    Additional to this – perform a “dir /x /s >dir.txt” before copying so you get a recursive listing of all the existing 8.3 names. Make sure you copy over dir.txt as well so you know what the original 8.3 name was in case you run into problems.

    Most file copies pick up the folders/files in alphanumeric order rather than creation date order, so you can get 8.3 names re-ordered when copied.

    Short file names can be created using “fsutil file setshortname “, which allows you to fix out-of-order 8.3 names.