Online Banking 2009 Updates

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Check out the announcement about Online Banking updates for the 2009 QB.

Online Banking 2009 Updates


In redesigning the online banking feature in QuickBooks 2009 we were hoping to provide an easy to use experience for new users to the feature. We are dedicated to listening to your feedback and updating the feature so that it is as easy and efficient to use as previous versions. Please continue to check this page for announcements.

We will be posting announcements on this page. If you any have questions or feedback you would like to share please go to our Online Banking Community Forum or Email Us.

Latest Information

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to improve the online banking experience in QuickBooks 2009. We are happy announce that the following updates will become available in late March for QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise 2009 solutions:

  • You will be able to access other areas of QuickBooks while you have the online banking “Add transactions to QuickBooks” window open. For example:

    • You can go to other QuickBooks forms to create matching transactions. Then when you return to online banking, the downloaded transaction will be matched.
    • If you need to use Items you can go to Write Checks or Record Credit Card Charges to create a matching transaction.
    • You can also refer to your register while you have the online banking window open.

  • Performance Improvements

    • For customers with larger files, Online Banking will run faster.

  • Other minor changes relating to customer feedback:

    • Full downloaded amount will automatically appear when opening splits and deposits for you to edit.
    • Adjusted screen layouts to correct problems with scroll bars and buttons.

These updates will be available in an automatic update or manual download in late March. For more information on how to turn on automatic updates or manually download this update please see below.

We are continuing to work on updates to the online banking feature in QuickBooks 2009 and will provide more specifics on timing closer to the release date.

How to Get the Updates

  • Here’s how you can get the updates (automatically):
    1. 1. From the QuickBooks Help menu, choose Update QuickBooks.
    2. 2. Click the Overview tab and click Update Now.
    3. 3. Select the desired downloads in the Update Now window.
    4. 4. Click Get Updates to download your selected updates.
    5. 5. When the Update Complete message appears, click Close.
    6. 6. From the File menu, choose Exit.
    7. 7. Start QuickBooks and click Yes to the message to install the update.
  • When the updates are available in late March, you can manually download the updates you can visit our QuickBooks Support Site and selecting the “Updates & Downloads” tab for QuickBooks 2009.

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  1. Pete Perry says:

    Thank God! The online bank presently in 2009 really sucks!