Thank you Frank, you were a diamond

On February 27, 2009, in news, by

Frank McCallister – February 27, 2009

At a time in one’s life that everyone else would be slowing down, Frank was always the one speeding up.  I don’t remember when I first saw Frank post in the newsgroups, but I’ll probably not forget how I found out about his passing. His daughter let his friends know through a post in Facebook and we all started checking with each other on IM and email to confirm what we hoped wasn’t true.  Unfortunately it was true.  That big heart of his finally wore out. 

I’d always get these IM messages from him that would start out “Hi, Susan!”.  Sometimes it was a quick ping to clarify something, sometimes it was a “are you seeing this” kind of question.  He’d start out with a “don’t want to bother” comment and a ping from Frank was never a bother.  He just helped people. 

So when I went to go searching in google groups to see if I could figure out when the first time I met Frank in the newsgroups, I wasn’t at all surprised to find out that he had a Novell family that cared about him just as much as a Microsoft one.  It showcases how much he’s been in community all of these years and how long he’s been in technology.  Yet he wasn’t a kind of guy that stayed in the past.  He did more on Facebook that I do.  He was always one to ask if a Service pack could be tested on real boxes, if we could get access to some beta to better help out, he was always the quiet voice on the conference call asking if he could do more.  And he usually did.

Yes indeed.  Thank you Frank, you were a diamond to us all.  Set Saint Peter up on Facebook while you are up there will you?


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