It ain’t Fresno, folks.

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Trust me.  You might want to sign up for that and keep any eye on it.  So far here’s all I personally know about Windows Foundation Server.  It appears, it ain’t Fresno.  You know and remember Fresno?  The base of SBS 2003, and for that matter SBS 2008, that we nicknamed “For Really Small Networks”?  From all the links that I’ve seen it doesn’t appear that this is what it will be at all.  It doesn’t sound like it will be limited to be a DC, minimal users, etc.

In fact the biggest hint about what it might be comes from Paul Thurrott’s site —

Windows Server 2008 R2 is a pretty impressive product, but then I’ve discussed that at length already in my Windows Server 2008 R2 Preview. But here’s some news you probably haven’t heard yet: Microsoft will be selling a new R2 version, called Windows Foundation Server, that it will target at emerging markets and, if it’s smart, small businesses and enthusiasts. Foundation Server will support all the key Windows Server roles except for Hyper-V virtualization, and it will reportedly sell for just $200. Now that’s what I call power to the people.

Hmm sounds like something we should all keep an eye on, doesn’t it?  But as Mick says, until we’re asked to kick the tires on the beta, one should reserve judgment and not rely on Mary Jo and Paul reports.

We’ll have to see what unfolds and how accurate Mary Jo and Paul are.  IF they are, that could be a nice little side server box in a SBS network, don’t you think?  Branch office Server?  Read only DC?  Cheap terminal server box?  If Paul is right, that could be a nice addition to an existing SBS network (even one that has Premium) for all of those networks that Amy calls “Strawberry plants” where it ends up that someone needs a local file sharing platform in the remote office. So sign up for that, stay tuned, and we’ll see if Mary Jo and Paul are right, shall we?


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