So where did shared folders go?

On February 28, 2009, in news, by

I’m n Windows Live Messenger 9 here at home and a friend said “oh stick the file up in the shared folder and it will sync up overnight”.  So I went into Live Messenger to move the file and found that in version 2009 of Live Messenger the Sharing Folders feature is gone.

The Sharing Folder feature has been discontinued in the latest version of Windows Live Messenger (2009), and replaced with access to Windows Live SkyDrive instead.

The big problem with the Skydrive is the upload file size cap. 

50 MB is the file transfer cap.  Try transfering a large image file with that cap.

This is another reason that I’m not sold on cloud solutions.  I am a little people.  A vendor can yank a feature and I have no say whatsoever.  I had no idea that they yanked shared folders and didn’t tell me.

They even are a bit cagey about how it’s been removed as a feature.

I had to go to wikipedia to confirm that they were gone.


4 Responses to So where did shared folders go?

  1. sms says:

    oh i hate windows messenger….

  2. indy says:

    Isn’t this like saying that after an upgrade to Server 2008, they never “told you” that you wouldn’t be running as an admin when you thought you were?

    Whatever cloud solution you pick, you want to make damn sure you have control over the version you run with, what features are added and when you want them added. Not all clouds are the same.

    Especially Microsoft, who, again, seems simply to be reacting to Google in the cloud space. (who can blame them.)

  3. Amy B says:

    Live Mesh is much more flexible than Sky Drive. I love it.

  4. Rob Singers says:

    IMHO I think is probably for the best. Every time I logged into another machine and ran up messenger the files I’d shared with a friend started syncing back. It was a bloody mess. In the end we had to coordinate turning all the machines on and clearing out the folders.