Thank you for saying I look fine….but….

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So on my Windows Live wall I got a private message the other day from someone I had no idea who it was.  And that’s when I found out that the new facebooky Live page does not default to privacy.

Yeah I’m clicking on that one for sure….
Concerned about privacy and what you’re sharing with who? As you get familiar with your new Windows Live profile, here are a few tips:

When you visit your Profile, you see your view of your Profile – which will always include all of the information you’ve entered about yourself, and all of your activities.

You decide who is allowed to see each piece of information on your Profile (and when they visit it, they’ll only see what you’ve given them permission to see).

To manage permissions, see all of the links below:

So once I did that I found the settings that were concerning:

Yeah we’re going to make that one just be people on my network.  Honestly that should be the default anyway in my opinion.  I think we are growing a generation of folks that are a little too open and loosey goosey with sharing information if you ask me.


2 Responses to Thank you for saying I look fine….but….

  1. indy says:

    People that join facebook, be mere act of joining facebook, care little about their privacy.

  2. Dean says:

    Ahhh come on. You were thinking of clicking on it just a little.