Windows SBS Active Directory Group Converter:

The Windows Small Business Server 2008 Active Directory Group Converter helps you convert groups in the MyBusiness organizational unit to groups that are compatible with Windows SBS 2008.

You can convert groups that were created by using either the Windows SBS 2003 Administration Console or the Active Directory Users and Groups console. To convert the groups, the wizard adds some necessary Active Directory attributes to them.

After you convert groups to Windows SBS 2008 compatible groups, you can manage the groups by using the Windows SBS Console.


Obviously when your only groups are leftover from a SQL install this doesn’t make much sense, but for those looking for an easier way to convert groups in the migration, this is the tool for you.


3 Responses to Windows SBS Active Directory Group Converter

  1. Chris Knight says:


    Now I just need a “flatten an OU hierarchy into Universal Security Group membership and relink GPOs from source OUs to destination Security Groups” utillity.


  2. Dale Unroe says:

    download link seems dead this morning – both your and Wayne’s references point to the same download URL as that is coming up on a search of the Microsoft domain

    FYI – The link from this KB is misbehaving as well –

  3. bradley says:

    Download details: Windows SBS Active Directory Group Converter:

    May have been a transient issue. It’s there now.