Don’t mess with Texas

On March 17, 2009, in Rants, by

Okay this is a really really really OT post.  For anyone looking for tech info, pass on this post.

My sister likes “The Bachelor” tvshow.  Personally I can’t stand the show (1) especially when it gets to the part where the guy is trying to decide between one or two women and he’s making out with both of them at the same time.  This time of year I get what little television information from the web (thank goodness the puts the episodes on the web).  So I do know that the last Bachelor guy dumped one woman on the tv show for another woman even after he gave the one the rose.

Last night I found out that the dude not only dumped one woman for another but that he dumped a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader.  That just seems so wrong in so many ways. 

First, don’t mess with Texas.  Then a cheerleader? A Dallas Cowboy cheerleader?  Stereotypical male fantasy date and all that?  And you turned her down?

Girl, you are way better off without him

(1)  Yes I can’t stand the show but yet I know enough about the series and what happened at the end, don’t I?


2 Responses to Don’t mess with Texas

  1. Sean Daniel says:

    I hate it also, but my wife is obsessed. I had no idea she was a cheerleader though. Wow!

  2. Dean says:

    Hey, when it comes to marrying someone you have to make the decision for you.

    By the way that chick is on dancing with the stars now. And she is pretty good.