Testing a tweet

On March 17, 2009, in Security, by

Don’t mind me I’m doing a test tonight. Since apparently this twitter thing can get action by vendors who scan for their product being tweeted, I’m trying a test.

Here’s my ‘tweet’ for the night.

Lately some folks in the windows update newsgroup have been dealing with an issue where the patch that fixes the autorun issue is being offered up to them over and over and over again.

I also have a support incident open to help a few folks.  But let’s just try and see if this twitter thing gets any more attention than the folks in the newsgroups are getting now.

I’ll report back tomorrow with the results of my “twitter is a support tool” test.


3 Responses to Testing a tweet

  1. Chris Knight says:

    Haven’t seen this one, but I’ve been seeing 953631 repeating on a bunch of Win2008 x64 Core installs.

  2. Using tags such as #microsoft and #kb or maybe even #support would help this post be more visible to the twitter community. have you tried using tags?

  3. Amy B says:

    News flash! Twitter is not a support tool.

    It’s just tweets. Like a flock of Sparrows in the morning.