Microsoft Ups Ante With New Browser | Walt Mossberg | Personal Technology | AllThingsD:

Microsoft is making IE8 available, free, at noon EDT Thursday, for both Windows XP and Windows Vista, at <>. A version also will be tailored for the forthcoming Windows 7, the next edition of the company’s operating system. But that version won’t be available until the next prerelease iteration of Windows 7 comes out. It will also be automatically offered via the Windows Update system over the next few months.

Gentlemen, get ready to start your downloads.


2 Responses to Gentlemen, get ready to start your downloads.

  1. indy says:

    Not bad.

    My initial tests:
    My .asp IIS7 intranet sites by default are loaded in compatibility mode, but they break. Strangely IE8 mode works fine. I would think the opposite would be true.

    I like the new features, and speed is certainly improved.

    Time to test test test and verify my WSUS won’t push this thing out for a while.

  2. Robear Dyer, MS MVP says:


    “At this time, Internet Explorer 8 is not fully supported by Intuit for use with the TurboTax Online program.”