Critical news about new Release 7 for QuickBooks 2009, affecting Online Banking.     March 17, 2009



Critical Alert

For All QuickBooks ProAdvisors®

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 QuickBooks 2009 R7 for Online Banking, More

Dear QuickBooks ProAdvisor,

We know most of you are busier than ever right now, so we’ll keep this brief:

Next week Intuit expects to release a new update to Intuit® QuickBooks 2009 with important responses to your requests on Online Banking.

If you have the time, read on. Specifically, as early as March 23, Release 7 will become available for manual download for 2009 versions of QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. [QuickBooks Pro for Mac 2009 not affected; see Note 1.]

 Summary of Changes

As to Online Banking, with this QuickBooks update, you will be able to

  • Create transactions and perform other tasks in QuickBooks while you have Online Banking open.
  • Get faster performance for Online Banking (especially for users with larger files).

Note: The latest information on Online Banking related updates can always be found at Intuit’s Online Banking 2009 page.

Release 7 includes other changes too, which will be summarized on our QuickBooks Updates page just as soon as the Manual Web patch is live. [Note 2]

 Video Just Posted

For a brief (2:24 minutes) overview of the updates available next week, please see our video here:

Online Banking Video

 Expected Timing

Monday, March 23. Manual Update for R7. Your first chance to see the changes for yourself will be to download the update manually from the Updates website. The Manual Update is expected to be available by late Monday, March 23. [Note 3 ]

Thursday, March 26. Automatic Update for R7. Many users, including most of your clients, will be prompted to receive the Automatic Update from within QuickBooks 2009 — if they have enabled automatic updates. The Automatic Update is expected to be available by late Thursday, March 26.


  • Be sure to visit the Updates page, or refer your clients, for more information on manual or automatic updating.
  • Automatic updates are for the full QuickBooks application only. Use the Manual Download to update the QuickBooks Server.

  Reminder for You and Your Clients

We strongly recommend that you and your clients enable automatic updates. The following instructions can be copied into an email to your clients if desired:

If you want to enable Auto-Updates, so QuickBooks will prompt you whenever changes are available, use the following steps:

  1. Go to the “Help Menu” in QuickBooks.
  2. Select “Update QuickBooks.”
  3. Then, go to the Options tab, select “Yes” for “Automatic Update.”

  Follow Up

We appreciate your feedback so we can continue to make QuickBooks better. 

Online Banking. For questions or comments related to Online Banking, feel free to email us at with any additional thoughts.

Other QuickBooks Feedback. Remember you can always provide feedback through QuickBooks software; just go the Help pulldown menu and choose Send Feedback Online.

ProAdvisor Issues. See our ProAdvisor Feedback site here.

Intuit thanks you for your patience and understanding while we have worked to improve the online banking experience in Intuit QuickBooks 2009 and complete additional minor updates. We appreciate and benefit from your feedback.


Your QuickBooks ProAdvisor Team



  1. Release 7 (R7) updates QuickBooks Pro 2009 (Windows version), QuickBooks Premier 2009, and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 9.0. R7 is of interest especially in its further response to requests on Online Banking, following up on changes in earlier QuickBooks 2009 releases.
  2. Remember that the support page organizes around a particular version of QuickBooks. If the last time you were on this page you were supporting an early product, the page may continue to reflect the older version of QuickBooks. Please be sure the Current Product is identified as QuickBooks 2009.
  3. Manual Downloads are typically made available ahead of Automatic Updates to allow ProAdvisors and others to complete the update before the Automatic Update is more generally available. Some ProAdvisors ask to review the update so they can reach out to clients as needed from a position of first-hand experience. Manual Downloads are also required by network implementations where the QuickBooks Database is on the server.

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