Things I’d really like to know…

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… exactly who named Conficker, Conficker?

… and exactly what does Conficker mean anyway?

… and why did they change “Add/remove Programs” to “Program and Features” in Vista and Windows 7?

… how many additional seconds of my life will be spent scrolling down to “Programs and Features’?

… why do people care if it’s “S-Q-L” or “Sequel”?  I mean, regardless of if I call it “S-Q-L” or “Sequel” I still don’t fully know what I’m doing when I’m dealing with it.  So regardless if I know which is the true and proper way to refer to it, doesn’t change the fact that I still don’t know what I’m doing when I launch the Management Express console.

… Facebook may have 200 million people signed up …but how many REALLY use Facebook? Or how many like me are occasional users and primarily because everyone I know stuck their MVP summit photos up there so if you wanted to see them you had to sign up?

Today’s list of things I’d really like to know …


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  1. John says:

    A virus called Downadup (by Symantec) was named Conflicker by Microsoft.

    Ask Microsoft.

    Because if you click a link in the applet the same applet adds that adds and removes programs also adds and removes Windows features?

    Less than changing XP default control panel to Classic view?

    I don’t care. I do find it convenient to know the ones who call it SEQUEL have no idea what they are talking about. (Again that’s a MS word as far as I know… no one calls it MySEQUEL… its only Microsoft SEQUEL that I have ever heard of.)

    What’s Facebook? I went there once but couldn’t see anything.

    Susan, thanks for all the great articles, I love to read your stuff. This one really made me smile. Keep it up.


  2. Andy Parkes says:


    You can share a facebook album with the outside world so they can view it without signing up…

    Badger them into changing the view settings 😉

  3. Andy Parkes says:

    In fact there aren’t even settings to change…it’s just a link


    Usually at the bottom of the album when you edit it