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So I got asked about how to set up an iPhone to an ActiveSync Exchange on SBS 2003.  We’re not talking imap but 443 to Active sync.

Author of the SBS 2008 administrator companion book Charlie Russel gives us the quick step by step:

So, settings are as follows:

1.) Email: whomever@wherever.com
2.) Server: www.wherever.com   <- or whatever the front page of your
exchange account is. (see * below for comments)
3.) DOMAIN: WHEREVER  <- NetBIOS name of domain
4.) Username: whomever <- Your logon account name
5.) Password: whatever you use to log on to the domain
6.) Description: Your Exchange Mailbox Name!!!! <- See ** below
7.) Use SSL: on

* To log on to OWA, I use https://www.domain.com/exchange. Therefore,
my server name in the Server: field is: www.domain.com. 

** Description: This is the gotcha. You need to use your Exchange
Mailbox name here. For me, that's Charlie Russel. Not Charlie. You can
get this from Outlook, looking at "Mailbox - MailboxName" at the top the
left hand tree view pane. 

It should ‘just work’.  If it doesn’t try out the Exchange connectivity analyzer. 


And check out this troubleshooting thread from the Partner managed newsgroups:

Hello Partner,

Thank you for posting here! My name is Dorothy. We will work together on
this issue.

From your post, I understand that some issues are encountered when trying
to use ActiveSync to synchronize to the Exchange server on the iPhone; and
the Event ID 3005 and 1503 were found in the application log. If there has
been any misunderstanding, please let me know.

According to my experience, the issue can be caused by one of the following

1. The Virtual Directories which is require for ActiveSync is corrupted.
2. The folders related Virtual Directories have insufficient permission or
the Virtual Directory settings are improper. 
3. The mailbox for the specific user is corrupted.
4. The settings on the iPhone set improperly.

At this point, I will first assist in narrowing down the root cause of this
issue. If it is caused by the improper setting on the iPhone, it is
recommend contacting Apple for more detailed information. Please understand
that as we are not familiar with iPhone, you really need someone of expert
at it to help with this issue.

First, please refer to the following article to check if the SBS 2003
server has deployed properly for ActiveSync setting.

Deploying Windows Mobile 5.0 with Windows Small Business Server 2003

After that, please refer to the following steps to check the settings on
the Exchange server

Check Default Web site setting
1. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, expand server.
2. Right click on the Default Web site, click properties. 
3. Check Enable HTTP Keep -Alives

Check ActiveSync Virtual Directory setting
1.  Click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Internet
Information Services (IIS) Manager.
2.  Expand Web Sites, and then expand Default Web Site.
3.  Right-click Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync, and then click Properties.
4.  Click the Directory Security tab, and then click Edit under
Authentication and access control.

5.  Make sure that the Basic Authentication check box is checked.
6.  Click to unselect the Enable anonymous access check box if it is
already selected; click to unselect the Integrated Windows authentication
check box if it is already selected.
7.  Click OK twice.

If the above setting is correctly, please provide me with the following
information so that we can narrow down the root cause of the issue:

1. Do all users who use ActiveSync encounter this issue?

2. What Support Code is received when the mobile device fail to connect to
the Exchange Server?

3. If the affected users configure ActiveSync on a Windows Mobile device,
will the same issue occur?


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  1. Richard says:

    Be aware of the calendar issue where we found that additonal edits to the calendar note would not sync back to outlook.

    We took back the iphones and waited for the Verizon Omnia using windows mobile with complete activesync, search of email, notes sync (wired), email sorting and the ability to edit calendar items on the hand held 🙂