HTTP Error 503 when browsing SBS Web sites:

This occurs when you install a 32bit app that flips the app pools to support 32bit.  Your SBS box won’t be pleased…

This can happen if the application pools used by the SBS web sites are unable to initialize because they are set to enable 32 bit applications.

  1. Log on to the computer with administrator privileges.
  2. Open the Internet Information Services Manager MMC.
  3. Click on Applications pools.
  4. Click on SBS Web Applications application pool.
  5. Click advanced settings.
  6. Set Enable 32-bit applications to False.
    1. Repeat these steps for each of the following application pools:
    2. MSExchangeAutoDiscoverAppPool
    • MSExchangeOWAAppPool
    • MsExchangeServicesAppPool
    • MSExchangeSyncAppPool
    • MSExchangeUMAppPool
    • SBS Client Deployment AppPool
    • SBS Sharepoint AppPool
    • SBS Web Workplace AppPool
    • Sharepoint Central Administration v3
    • TSWebAccess
    • WsusPool
    • DefaultAppPool
    1. Reset IIS.



    3 Responses to HTTP Error 503 when browsing SBS Web sites

    1. Phil Haddock says:

      Hi Susan,

      Already hit this one unfortunately. One thing to watch is that the Managed Pipeline can also change and stop things working. eg. our Sharepoint pools had to be changed back from Integrated to Classic in order to work.

    2. shahrouri says:

      what is i didn’t find “Enable 32-bit applications ” in my pplication pool advanced settings ??

    3. shahrouri says:

      what if i didn’t find “Enable 32-bit applications” in my application pool advanced settings ?