Where the world talks security?

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Does anyone else besides me find it funny that the RSA conference…where the world talks security… is encouraging folks to use a platform that has been hit with three worms lately?

And the best advice is to use something third party?

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Now the peanut gallery will point out that I’m blogging from and blogging on a platform that too has known vulnerabilities and known issues.  So what’s the difference?

Because maybe I expect more from where the World talks Security.  Maybe that’s the problem?  It’s all talk?  Not real?  So where do we LIVE securty and not just talk about it?

Because until we LIVE security and make it work for how we work, then it’s all talk and nothing else.


2 Responses to Where the world talks security?

  1. Mike says:

    One small problem with your rant. We are all using OSes that constantly are getting exposed to new worms. Doesn’t matter what you use now, there are risks.

    As far as news feeds go, I know you don’t like twitter all that much, but I think it is a smart way for them to get regular updates out, especially since it takes so little time to do.

  2. donna says:

    It’s not what you use but who have control on what you use.
    With OS, you can control it. With Twitter, your control is the settings only so if anyone follow a twitter account then a hacker or malicious code is injected, the followers will see “your hacked” messages/tweets. What control you can do with that? Nothing but to delete the account or wait for fix or change password after announcing that it’s not you who posted it. That’s annoying type of “media” or be connected to friends IMHO.

    It’s smart way to use, I agree… (especially for “markerters” or business people who sell software et al LOL) but no privacy, not safe and posing risk to end-users who thinks it is the next big thing for everyone. I think if a person’s mind is set into protecting and securing… it’s easy to understand why some people don’t like twitter much. It’s there… it exists but not everyone need it or enjoy it.
    Just like person A don’t use product A because the developer is not flexible or selfish or the product sucks but another person (B) love it. Each of his own … I guess.