For those that were in Sean Daniel (aka Matt Damon)’s session on SBS 2008 when he talked about a network scanning tool that would scan the server BEFORE you started the SBS 2008 migration, the download link is here:
Network Analysis Wizard that was handed out at TechEd:

Make sure you run the this tool on your network to clean up any AD or network issues before you begin your SBS 2008 migration.

For even more key things to ensure that you have cleaned up and ready to go check out this blog post?

In addition if you need to remove ISA, read this blog post – and if you have purchased a third party cert you need to remove that cert from the ISA server, and stick it back on the SBS 2003 standard server.  You may need to regenerate the cert wizard so I may need to test this before giving the exact info but in general it’s kinda like this:


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