SBS at TechEd

On May 15, 2009, in news, by

Matt Damon on stage at TechEd.

Two questions that came up so far was what”s the virtualization story for SBS 2008, can you virtualize it and the answer is YES the SBS 2008 box can be virtualized.  In fact if you use SBS 2008 premium, you can stick the Windows Server 2008 standard on the box, use it as the hyperV base, put SBS 2008 on top, then put another Windows Server 2008 and put your SQL server in that virtualization as well.  So the same 1+1 license ability where you can use the Server 2008 as a host and a guest of the virtualization applies here.  If you are running SBS 2008 standard, you can use the non gui hyperV free download to build a virtual platform.


Second comment was someone was rebooting their SBS 2003 box every week because they said it was sluggish.  While SBS 2008’s 64bitness helps to overcome this, a nicely running SBS 2003 does not need to be rebooted once a week.  Once a month for security patches (except no security patch this month) but if you are rebooting once a week check out the allocated memory alert blog section as you might need to stomp on memory instances on that blox.


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