….means that I just parked another domain name and a redirect.  Sometimes it gets annoying to constantly use Google to get to a needed resource.  And after all, http was built for a reason so we wouldn’t have to remember all those numbers anyway.


That I can remember.


That I can’t.

So far we have short cuts to the SBS 2008 newsgroup courtesy of Russ — www.sbs2008.com and the EBS newsgroup courtesy of Russ www.ebs2008.com

And I have short cuts for all the WHS community links – www.whs-community.com and SBS community links – www.sbs-community.com and EBS community links – www.ebs-community.com

Oh yeah and we have www.sbsbpa.com for the SBS Best practice Analyzer.

Maybe I should just park the domain of www.Susancan’tremembertheactualwebsitesurlssoheretheyare.com?


2 Responses to The inability to efficiently search for that EBS Prep wizard tool

  1. Dean says:

    Can you elaborate on what you mean by

    “I just parked another domain name and a redirect”

    unless the answer is in a previous post and I have not read it yet.