Tomorrow I’ll be doing a presentation that while it has SBS 2008 in the title, isn’t just about SBS.  It’s really about Risk assessment.

If you attend I’ll be giving away to one lucky random attendee, a copy of Mark Minasi’s Securing your Windows Systems CDrom –

Who knows, I may throw in a bonus Windows 7 tshirt to a lucky viewer!

Which is the bigger threat to a small firm? External attackers or Stupid Users? Perhaps both? Join Susan Bradley, Patch Watch author for Brian Livingston’s Windows Secrets as she guides you down the resources and tools she uses to secure and protect a small firm from both kinds of attackers. Along the way she’ll point out the security features of SBS 2008 and resources to keeping both the server and users safe and secure on the Internet Highway.

How many of you have found rogue antivirus programs on workstations?

How many of you have found enough IE toolbars to sink a ship on a workstation?

Is Google a risk to use as a search engine?

How many of you get calls from clients that have to deal with users going to twitter, facebook, and have you considered what the impact of these social sites have on the security and privacy of the employees of the network?

What proactive steps are you doing to ensure that you are balancing the needs of the business with the needs to secure the business?

Do you need to worry about Zero Day attacks?

What’s the best way to secure a Windows XP machine?

Does Cloud offerings help or do they bring risks as well?

All of this and more will be answered on 5/29/09 at 9:00 AM Pacific.  Sign up here:


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