Listening to the gang in Seattle at the SBS build day and found a “I didn’t know that” tidbit in Tyler’s slide deck:

If you use group policy preferences to map drives AND the vista workstations are local admins still, the mapped drives won’t ‘take’ unless you put in this registry key.  This key, aka the enable linked connections (that Chad’s blogged about as well) will only impact you when your Vista’s are local admins.

Create EnableLinkedConnections DWORD registry key:
HK_LM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Policies\System\EnableLinkedConnections = 1

Drive Mapping via Group Policy Preferences not working for Vista clients – Aimless Ramblings from a Blithering Lunatic . . .:

Some other key take aways that I talked about:

Tattoo this blog post to your forehead:
The Official SBS Blog : SBS 2008 Migrations from SBS 2003 – Keys to Success:

Don’t install a patch that needs WGA UNTIL you’ve put the proper key in the box:
MPECS Inc. Blog: Ack! SBS 2008 Not Genuine!:

Philip’s Checklist:
MPECS Inc. Blog: SBS 2008 Setup Checklist V1.2.0:

This not fixed in Win2k3 sp2:
The Official SBS Blog : Cannot resolve names in certain top level domains like

This is included in Win2k8 sp2 so if you install SP2 you’ll get this needed fix
New AFD connections fail when software that uses TDI drivers is installed on a Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista SP1 system that is running on a computer that has multiple processors:;en-us;961775



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