While I’m a person who recommends that you don’t have to be first to install a Service pack, lately I’ve seen a little bit of a disturbing trend where someone will get a bad install or a BSOD and they will roll back to pre service pack without doing more investigation.

First some rules when it comes to the worse case scenerio of a BSOD.  That to me is not necessarily the worse thing you can happen to your system.  Worst case is that the system doesn’t boot and provides no clues at all.  A BSOD with a dump file left on the box means that you can debug what freaked out the system.  A BSOD on one system doesn’t mean that you’ll get a BSOD on another system.


BSOD’s 99.999999999% of the time are a third party driver.  Firing up the debugger and running it more often than not will point you in the right direction of what needs to be tracked down.

Do take a backup.

Do plan.

Do consider a Service pack a time that you need to also update the bios on the server, the nic drivers and in general look over the other “stuff” of a server that may need updating.

Don’t willy nilly install it without planning.  But one person’s story of a bad or failed install may not be indicative of the experience you have.  Not all servers are alike.  Not all systems have the same drivers.

So a story about one person’s incident may not be signs of across the board issues.


One Response to One person’s bsod does not mean that all of us will get bsod’s

  1. Richard says:

    Not quite that often – at least 0.01% are faulty memory.