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On April 14, 2009 Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows XP and Office 2003. This means there is now a charge for customer assistance on per-incident basis. For many, this can result in a significant rise in business operational costs.

When’s the last time you called into Microsoft and paid for support for Windows XP.  Seriously. for the bulk of the marketplace that the “turn to free applications” is aiming for we all bought XP via the OEM channel and that’s who officially our support vendor was.  Of course none of us uses that, do we.

What’s the real support channel for Windows XP for the bulk of the marketplace?


That’s right… basically peer support from blogs, forums, newsgroups, you name it.  And it takes getting used to Ubuntu and I’m not ready to put my Dad on it.  Besides he still likes Solitare on Windows 7.

Free applications do not come without a cost of migration, integration and conversion.  But let’s be honest where our support was, is now and will continue to be until whatever date Microsoft stops selling XP …which latest word is for XP is 2011 (gawd that OS just won’t die will it? will continue to be via a search engine.



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