So I asked what the best story there was for Blackberry on SBS 2008…given that…

MPECS Inc. Blog: BES 5.0 and SBS 2008 – No Go For Now:

They offically don’t support it. 

I asked….. should we…

Virtualize it on Win2k3?
OWA connection?
Shoot everyone that buys a blackberry and move them to iPhone or Windows Mobile?

Nick Whittome from Ireland said…

I have it on a couple of sites where I FORCED the engineer to install it on the SBS box, 
and they have worked without issue for a small amount of users.

My advice is this.

If you can convince the client that they only need to sync email, and not calendar or contacts….
(unless they are at their PC) then use Blackberry Internet Service with OWA.

Otherwise, convince them of another phone 🙂

More resources…

Hardware requirements:

System requirements:

Unsupported environments: 

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Enterprise Server components do not support installation on the same computer as the messaging server.


One Response to So what’s the best story we have for Blackberry on SBS 2008?

  1. Chris Knight says:

    Or use something like AstraSync.

    Beware that the install can require a full reload of the Blackberry if the certificate store password is not known.

    But it’s far easier (and cheaper!) to deploy than a BES.