Google Apps controversy!?!?!

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So Harry sent out this blurb that said…

“Google Apps controversy!?!?!

Susan Bradley, Paul Thurrott (Windows IT Pro), Wall Street Journal (WSJ), The VAR Guy and CRN have all weighed in on this matter. It’s the headline of the week. So we have created a webinar to discuss it.

“Join our SMB Nation webinar next Wednesday to hear our analysis (“Profit from the Cloud”, 6-24, 10AM PDT)

Which some interpreted that I was obviously planning on ripping out my SBS network and installing google apps tomorrow.  Just a FYI… no that’s not in my future plans.

I still want to talk to all of these clients that supposedly are gung ho on cloud.  Obviously most of them don’t live in my City.  And even server vendors are pushing cloud HARD as a solution to the point of pushing concepts like “no more patching”  and even Mark is starting to sound like a cheerleader

The reality of cloud computing is not only have you transfered risk but you’ve transfered control.

Not only have you transfered control but you’ve transfered maintenance windows.

Not only have you transfered maintenance windows but you are now on their time schedule, not yours. 

If all of that is okay… then evaluate the solutions.  But honestly before I’d be serious about google docs, I’d be looking at some of the more vertical industry solutions (take for example Creative Solutions Virtual Office   

But don’t be like Microsoft and Google and all the other “we know best” vendors out there today in the cloud space.  LISTEN to your customers.  TALK to them.  ASK them what their comfort level is with the data.  With the email.  With the information.  With the accounting information.  See if their needs can be met by the current round of cloud applications. 

But promise me you won’t get wrapped up in the hype.  Paul Thurrott is a journalist who’s job it is to get eyeballs.  

Move along…..


4 Responses to Google Apps controversy!?!?!

  1. Vlad Mazek says:

    I think the issue you are missing out on is the one where this “conversation” is not taking place at all because there is nothing to discuss because traditional VARs cannot compete with the Google Apps / / Gmail model of “sh** for free”

    Now about your so called reality, in which “people in Fresno care” about things like maintenance windows, migration processes, the monthly sh** that blew up and you can only find out about it in the Microsoft newsgroups and really 90% of your blog is the testament to the way things “used to be back in the dark ages” – folks don’t care about it, they only want it to work. And I bet you 99.982% of them want the password to be Password too.


  2. bradley says:

    The conversation is indeed taking place. You and many other vendors are not listening.

  3. bradley says:

    P.S. to get a ‘business quality’ google apps it’s not free.

  4. Joe Raby says:

    “And I bet you 99.982% of them want the password to be Password too.”

    That just made me vomit a little. If you figure that total insecurity is just “the business of the future”, you have a lot to learn my friend.