If you were holding off on buying a new computer, it looks like July 1st may be the date to start buying as that’s when the free upgrade offers may start.

Free Upgrade to Windows 7 Program for Windows Vista PC from July 1 » My Digital Life:

The bad news is that if you are in the EU and get a “separate IE” bundle you may need to clean install.
Move to drop IE from Windows 7 threatens Microsoft’s free upgrade program:

And in the most important news… Check out the New Windows 7 Packaging – Windows 7 Team Blog – The Windows Blog:

No more hassle with the packaging.



One Response to So when does the free upgrade to Win7 start?

  1. Daniel Mundy says:

    I overheard my boss saying that an ACER we just got in for a client had a free upgrade to Windows 7… are you sure it’s not available yet? We’re in Australia but normally we’re behind with these things, not ahead!