So how do I upgrade from x86 to x64?

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Let’s say you have Vista 32bit… or XP 32bit for that matter… is there a direct path from x86 (32bit) to 64 bit? 

Not exactly.

Microsoft says… Cross-architecture in-place upgrades (for example, x86 to x64) are not supported.

But when you deploy XPMode on top of Windows 7 64bit you do end up with a 32bit operating system sitting on a 64bit workstation.  So there are ways with file and transfer wizard tools to put the data that was on that old XP on the new virtual XP that you will plop on top of the 64bit Windows 7.

(as an interesing aside a document that was linked to at this url said that RC to RTM would be supported but that’s not what I’ve heard so it’s no wonder that it looks like this doc has been pulled  –

But plan for a 32 to 64bit migration because if you were thinking about jumping the 32 to 64 bit divide nows THE time to do it.


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