Jackson dies, almost takes Internet with him – CNN.com:

As every TV station tonight has a Jackson tribute, as CNN states that the Internet was broken by the story, as even Google thought a virus had this the web and unsubstantiated rumors of deaths of other celebs, only to be quashed as untrue by other tweets, these are interesting times aren’t they?  But that focus on top topics is not only being tracked by you, but also by criminal gangs.

They also track what ‘new thing’ is the latest thing on everyone’s radar.  Did you see the story where a twitter account was hacked by someone and now his account was spewing out malware laden links?  Given the popularity of Guy, it should be a reminder of the potential for bad on any platform.  

We all need to be aware that businesses that thrive on Internet crime are looking to capitalize on the very same topics you might be searching on, the very same web sites you surf on, and borrowing the twitter accounts of the people you find interesting. 

Be also aware of the urls you click and where they go.  URL shortening services can be dangerous in many ways. But the biggest one is being a bad link you didn’t plan on.



One Response to Top topic means top for the bad guys too

  1. So when do we turn on “SKYNET”?
    to protect us from all of this