Russ’ comment reminded me that we do have some apps out here that aren’t 64bit ready….

Not supported on 64bit:
UPS: UPS WorldShip 2009 System Requirements:

Is supported but indicates you may have issues…
Lacerte Professional Tax Software – 64-bit Platform FAQ:

Flat out won’t be supported on SBS 2008…

So what other apps have you found that aren’t quite 64bit ready?


11 Responses to So what other apps have you found that aren’t quite 64bit ready?

  1. Don Murphy says:

    How do you infer BES 5 won’t be supported on SBS 2008 from that document? That document makes no references to SBS 2008. I ask this because it is nice to have written policy from vendors on the support of their products. Thanks.

    Don Murphy

  2. Nick Try says:

    Hi Susan

    My big headache is that Sage 50/Instant Accounts is not 64 bit compatible. Major problems with Vista Business 64 bit, somewhat better with Windows 7 RC1, but I can’t get Instant Accounts to print invoices properly, even in XP compatibility mode.

    Kind regards


  3. bradley says:

    Have you tried running it in XPvirtualization Mode (where it’s running in a Virtual PC?)

  4. indy says:

    UPS isn’t UAC compatible either on Vista.

  5. mct says:

    Cisco’s IPSec VPN client. Doesn’t work at all, Cisco is on the record saying they will never make it work. They’re trying to get people to upgrade to the SSL VPNs, which have different licensing than the IPSec licenses everyone has already, of course.

  6. Chris Knight says:

    16-bit applications still used in the accounting, finance, electrical, medical and manufacturing industries.

    Anything still bundled with 32-bit drivers.

    Applications that bypass the WOW64 layer.

    Applications that write directly to C:\Program Files.

    Then there’s all the apps that actually run just fine on x64, but aren’t supported by the vendor on x64…

  7. What bugs me is that The Current Version 11
    came out recently and it still Wasn’t 64bit
    Even though every PC you buy, unless custom comes 64bit

    I have yet to test the Virtual XP Mode in Win7 for This app.

  8. Tony says:

    HP Color LaserJet Print Drivers….we have a 2550n and while the Vista x64 driver works in B&W sort of (printing multiple copies doesn’t work), it is incapable of printing in color.

  9. Joe Raby says:

    You should try using the HP Universal v4.7 PCL6 drivers. They should work. Make sure it says (4.7) beside the driver before you finish the install.

    BTW: The PS driver is often recognized as B&W PS only. PCL5e should be colour though. Use PCL6 unless you have a special case and need to use another printer language.

    I have a 2605dn myself, and it works extremely well with the PCL6 universal driver. One thing I find I have issues with is that the duplexer won’t work if you want to print more than one page scaled down onto a single sheet of paper.

  10. mct says:


    The Universal HP drivers aren’t an option in many situations because they use .Net and are extremely slow in general. I have one user whose print job went from 1 hour to 4 hours because the user got Vista x64 and had to use the universal drivers. It was particularly sad because the upgrade to x64 made her reports run about 8x faster, which made her really happy, but the increase in print time was unacceptable and we had to reformat her system back to 32 bit until we can buy a new printer for her department.