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Not to sound like sour grapes, which of course I do sound like sour grapes, but for the USA version of TechEd, they lay off Steve Riley the week before, cancel the TechEd party, cancelled the certification exam testing site, the TechEd bonus “gift” is a subscription to TechEd Plus (which I gave to a partner in my SMB partner group because I already have one as a Software Assurance customer), and send out no DVD so that I have to download all of the sessions.

Meanwhile Microsoft Australia gives away Netbooks at their TechEd.

Well the one consolation is that Los Angeles had Matt Damon presenting on SBS 2008 —

Hmm….so exactly how much is a round trip ticket to Australia anyway?


5 Responses to So how much is it for a plane ticket to Australia?

  1. David Mackie says:

    And of course we’d love to have you out here again too.

  2. Vlad Mazek says:

    About 15 netbooks worth, give or take.


  3. bradley says:

    More like 3. $999 round trip from Fresno.. I fly coach, none of this first class stuff dude. 🙂

  4. David Mackie says:

    I think Vlad meant plus on costs…
    BUT you can get a TechED Ticket through a User Group buy for $500 off.

    So $1599 AUD for a UG Ticket, HP says RRP of the device is $999 AUD. I reakon I can drink the $600 difference 🙂

    Take into account it is September 8-11 so the Gold Coast is fabulous then and it is the week following AU Partner Conference too.

    I think someone said Australia’s answer to Hawaii

  5. Ben says:

    Maybe it’s because they’re having trouble getting anyone to go?