Watch your keypunching sometimes

On June 30, 2009, in Security, by

Do-do brain me miskeyed a DNS entry.  As Michael Hoffman pointed out, I typed in the wrong entry.  Just goes to show you to double check such things.

OpenDNS’s forwarders are and  gawd I have a mental block

What it should look like.

And it does resolve

I’ve also seen folks recommend using and … and the resulting arguments for and against using those forwarder values, but it does kinda annoy me that I’m having to recommend forwarders in the 2k8 era because of a base problem in Server 2008 that needs a manual registry hack and as we’ve seen the DNS in 2k8 appears to potentially have issues.  That may be acceptable for big server land, but for SBS and EBS for that matter, it just seems that needs to be a bit better and to have this solid from the get go instead of seeing if you are or are not impacted. 


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