Okay troops.  We have a mission.  Click on that link.  If you aren’t a facebook person, become one.  Now.  As we have a mission to get SBS a vanity url “fan” page faster than EBS 2008 did.  We need 100 “fans” as soon as possible.

So click on that link and become a fan and lets get to 100 faster than EBS did.  The race is on.  On your marks, get ready,  GO!

So step one Operation FACEBOOK is on right NOW! 

Stay tuned for the SBS twitter feed next…..

..yeah yeah Susan blogging about twitter… what is the world coming to?


5 Responses to Operation FACEBOOK is on right NOW!

  1. Dean says:

    So is the information on there information that won’t be available anywhere else ?

  2. bradley says:

    You certainly know what people look like now!

    Social marketing will be a big push at WWPC in New Orleans. Even if you can’t go, it’s an interesting way to put names with faces.

  3. bradley says:

    And in approx 2 hours and 18 minutes, vanity url status achieved.

  4. Dean says:

    But you still didn’t answer the question. Other than seeing faces ( which is good ) I’m not getting the point of this.

    And what if they use 15 year old photos because they don’t like the way they look now ?

  5. Joe Raby says:

    I avoid “free” service websites like the plague. I rarely give out my email address and personal information to websites where you know (or maybe don’t) that they’ll sell it to advertisers.

    Sure, sure, they may say they don’t give out information to third-parties, but they still say that they’ll give it to “partners and other companies that [we] do business with”. Advertisers fall under that category.

    What with companies like Google not giving a crap about who is paying for advertising, they really don’t care if they “accidentally” give out my info to some Chinese or Russian fraud website that would like infect my computer with a fake antivirus program – so long as they pay for that rotating ad on Google Websense, which is paid out of their dirty money that they collect through “antivirus” subcription fees that they charge to gullible consumers.

    There are certainly trustworthy circles that I frequent online, but most “free” websites run by a major conglomerate are out there to collect and sell your info, and they make big bucks doing it.

    When you actually ask people the top 2 reasons why conventional print publications fail, #1 is that the internet is widely and instantly available, and #2 is because they can’t stand the ads.

    Hellloooo! This is what’s happening to the internet.