A little work needs to be done on the workstations.

Long story short, I want to do a clean install on my home Server even though I had migrated it successfully.  But before you do the “small network of users, clean install of SBS 2008, don’t mess with the Sister’s customized Disney desktop otherwise your 4th of July weekend will be spent in the doghouse (we share a house together) and the dog will be sleeping in your bed, you need to ensure you can flip the workstations off the network.  Go into control panel, users, and reset that local admin password that you probably can’t remember anymore and make them an administrator, and make the domain user an admin for temporary purposes while you are getting ready to copy files and back up that profile. 

To make the user an admin, go into the properties, into group membership and ensure that they are an administrator for a short time (you can flip them back later)

This ensures you can flip the workstation back to the workgroup mode before rejoining the domain.


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