The first oil change

On July 7, 2009, in news, by

A bit off topic photo on the blog today…

Mini getting his first oil change.  He was a little anxious being up on the racks, but he handled the experience well.

While up there, Steve looked under the car and made sure that everything was as it should be.  Preventive maintenance that we all should take for granted on our cars as well as our computers. 


4 Responses to The first oil change

  1. indy says:

    Especially since the reliability of mini’s is pretty bad, amongst the worst of all cars, according to J.D. Powers.

  2. bradley says:

    “I think the differences in the best and worst cars are, in the real-world experiences of most customers, almost imperceptible.”

    Drive one.

  3. Don Murphy says:

    So what is “his” name anyway. I am no expert but aren’t inanimate objects supposed to be “her”. When is he getting his own blog he seems to have enough adventures to warrant his own blog 😉

  4. indy says:

    “Drive one.”

    No thanks. Peak oil and all that, I walk and bike mostly. Why would a piece of metal from a german corp identify who I am or excite me? Seems like a cliche from the 50’s advertising days.