Can Home Server been a micro-business server?  Aaron and several other partners think so.

So does LPI

Microsoft BPOS – LPI Level Platforms Inc.:
In combination with Microsoft’s Windows Home Server, Business Productivity Online Suite and Managed Workplace form a full and compelling solution for businesses with 10 or fewer PCs.  With Windows Home Server, a cost effective solution is now available that provides onsite server capabilities, facilities to backup critical systems and data, a focal point for remote monitoring and management, and a gateway to hosted applications like Exchange, SharePoint, Office Live Meeting and Office Communications Online.  Small customers now possess the same technological capabilities that larger organizations have with the benefits of a local server, as well as advanced applications delivered online, and all managed through a central managed services dashboard.


One Response to Can Home Server been a micro-business server?

  1. Joe Raby says:

    I can see Windows Home Server offering certain options to businesses, but isn’t it sending the wrong message, what with Windows Server 2008 Foundation being released?