So I’ve been keeping an eye lately on Office Accounting 2009 for several reasons.

As others have pointed out, even retail places like are not selling OA 2009 online in boxed software format.

Microsoft has a Microsoft Professional Accounting Network program that has traditionally allowed CPAs to buy the Action Pack which was a software offering that gave greater flexibilty to CPA firms.   Starting tomorrow in New Orleans, Microsoft will be rolling out their new Partner program called the Partner Network.  In fact it looks like they’ve redecorated the place from day glo orange to Lemon/Lime.

So what does this mean to MPAN, and what about the future of Office Accounting since Money was closed up, Office Accounting isn’t being sold in those small business meccas of Office Depot and Costco?  You can buy it online – But it is concerning that the emphasis appears to have been pulled off?

Good question and what I don’t know the answer to.  I’ll see if I can get some answers from the people in New Orleans.

In the meantime you and I can watch what is happening from the comfort of our air conditioned homes and offices rather than hot and sticky New Orleans.


2 Responses to So what’s the deal with Office Accounting 2009?

  1. GA says:

    After pouring so much resources into supporting this product since its inception, I am seriously disappointed in MS abandoning the product.