The future of MPAN?

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Well faster than asking the folks in New Orleans, we got our answer from Madhon in the comments — 

Per the Directions on Microsoft people Office Accounting is in maintenance mode.  That’s not good.  Not from the Office Accounting standpoint, but from the “What about the Microsoft Professional Accountants Network 

That program started, in my opinion, because Microsoft wanted to steal away from Quickbooks.  Without that incentive, do they have a reason for continuing this program? 

For those that are in New Orleans and who depend on this program as a way to get a foot into the door, you m”might want to talk to representatives there to see if you can get a vibe for how long MPAN will last. 

I don’t have a good feeling about the long term viability of the program now that Office Accounting is in “maintenance mode”.

And thanks Madhon for the url link.


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  1. Although I was probably one of the first to qualify as an MPAN Consultant (I think I’m one of the few who actually sports the logo in my signature bloc), I am eternally grateful that I didn’t drink the koolade to the exclusion of my other certifications – QuickBooks Advanced Certified Pro Advisor. I have given up pursuing a cert in Peachtree – just not enough users to make the time and effort required worth while. I have never been that enamored with Office Accounting, although I have used it as a “foot in the door.”

    Another good idea, not thought through. It’s a pity.