– Migrate sbs 2000 to sbs 2008 | Windows:


Looking for an experienced windows admin – this job requires great english, and remote access virtuosity! Prefer US candidates but will consider great international ones. You need to comfortable both doing your work via remote access and walking users through problems.

to be considered, I need you to give me an estimate of how many hours you estimate the job will take, and evidence of experience with this work (resume, tests completed, feedback received etc)

We would want the person/company who installs the server to also be available for ongoing support – so I will give preference to those who can do that.

Expertise in:
SBS 2000 & 2008
Dell remote access card (installed in new server)
Logmein, vnc, etc
Migration – must have done this before
Blackberry enterprise server


-Install blackberry enterprise server on new server & help connect devices to it


One problem that I see with this RFP is that you can’t install the Blackberry enterprise server on the SBS 2008 box.  So far of all of the migration gotchas I’ve seen that’s the one that concerns me the most because it’s the one that all of us, including me think “well of course it allows it to be installed on a SBS box because it supports Win2k8 right?”   That’s the once scenerio that has me the most concerned that customers and partners won’t be aware of.


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