Spla essentials -- smaller SPLA licensing

*SPLA Essentials Program Requirements*
Your organization must meet the following requirements to enroll in SPLA 

      *Enroll in the Microsoft Partner Program.* You must be, at
      minimum, a Registered Member <40011561> of the program. If you are
      not a member, learn how to enroll <40032508>. If you are not a
      Certified Partner <40011313> or Gold Certified Partner <40013031>,
      you must join the Microsoft Hosting Community <40057328>.
      *Register online.* Accept the terms and conditions and sign the
      agreement digitally on the SPLA Essentials website.
      *Provide technical support for the Microsoft products you deliver
      to customers*
WPC09 - Worldwide Partner Conference - July 13-16,2009:

Bob Muglia is talking about how Win7/2k8 r2 rtm is within days.  In the meantime SPLA essentials, a smaller licensing model for spla is being announced.

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