Apple Thoughts: Mixed Up iPhone Icons With 3.0:

Just to prove to me that no one can write bug free code…. my Sister’s iPhone is doing this lately.

Delete the icon on the phone, tether it to the computer and sync it back up.  But it is a bit disheartening to read that “we bugged this during the beta”


One Response to Apple Thoughts: Mixed Up iPhone Icons With 3.0

  1. trAcie609 says:

    My 3G S is doing this and it’s only 10 days old… It went black and wouldn’t turn on. My boyfriend reset the phone and after that is when the mixed up icons started. I have tried deleting the icon and syncing from the computer, doesn’t work. And I have also tried deleting and redownloading, but still has wrong icon for 3 or 4 different apps. Going to ATT store to see if they can do anything… REALLY annoying.