Catherine Eibner : Help bring Sara Ford to Tech Ed Australia:

So if you are from downunder and happen to be planning to go to TechEd, can you do me a favor and vote up Sara Ford so she can go to Australia and get a new Koala stuffed toy to replace the one she lost in Hurricane Katrina? 

(Note to Sara…. I have a new found respect for the Aussies that come to America for conference and events… after being in the plane that long they are more insane than I thought… but then again the Aussies are giving away a netbook with Win7 for conference attendees so they aren’t that insane.  And while you are there make sure you go to the local zoo to check out a real Koala!  And while there don’t forget the TimTams — )


One Response to Go for the Koala … and don’t forget the Tim Tams

  1. Chris Knight says:

    My wife said she’d kill me if I went of to TechEd and left her with the kitchen renovations occurring in the same week so I’m stuck with TechEd Online access only.