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Former minister defends government departments’ use of Twitter | Politics |

Is there a right way to use social networking tools and a wrong way?  I’d say yes.  I still don’t like it when someone urges people to use Twitter as a support tool.  To me it’s like going to an empty room and yelling “Help I have an issue” and hoping that there is some wacko person who just happens to walk by and hear your yell. 

That said,  with a search on #blackhat and #defcon this week and you can learn the buzz around a conference.  That’s not good of course when someone you are following goes to a conference and your follow stream turns into “all conference, all the time” (check out or for such times).  But there are risks of such platforms.  Short urls.  Tricked clicks.  Reputation hijacking.  It’s a scary place out there, so be prepared when folks ask you about the issues.


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  1. Chris Knight says:

    Not forgetting the constant interruptions, the resultant lost productivity and stress and worry that you’re either not keeping up with and/or contributing enough to your social network feeds…