Susan, I have a client that uses Quickbooks Enterprise 9 with 6 active users running on a SBS 2003 network. The database file has grown almost 250mb in the last six months and is now close to 700mb. As a result, Quickbooks is running super slow. I have read in the Quickbooks help forum there is a way to reduce the company file size by using a portable file but I have been unable to find documentation to support this. I was hoping you could offer some suggestions.

What you need to do is to flip that Quickbooks database temporarily to single user mode and move the data file to the local machine to perform the next steps.  Then inside the program instead of making a backup, make it into a portable file backup.  Then you restore it back up to the local machine, then put it back up to the server.  The act of backing it up in a portable file format and restoring it back up, thins down the file.

If all of that jumping through hoops doesn’t work, I’ve heard that calling up Intuit and seeing if they can remove the audit log and give it back to you with a cleaned out file format.  But see if that does the trick.


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